Canadian Archives Summit

On Friday January 17, 2014 the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA), the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA), and l'Association des Archivistes du Quebec (AAQ) are hosting the Canadian Archives Summit: Towards a New Blueprint for Canada's Recorded Memory.  The focus of the Summit is the future of documentary heritage in Canada and aims to stimulate … Continue reading Canadian Archives Summit

Archival Advocacy: Canada and Abroad

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion in the twitter and blog realms about SAA's new publication Resources for Volunteer Programs in Archives. The publication garnered a heated post on the "You Ought to be Ashamed" blog, this post spurred a charged the twitter debate and number of other blog posts.  See here and … Continue reading Archival Advocacy: Canada and Abroad

Canadian Public History: Where Art Thou?

Credit: Nikopol_TOPublic Historians work in a range of positions within and outside the heritage sector.  Public historians can be found in museums, archives, libraries, academic institutions, corporations, not-for-profits, the film industry, research firms, and other organizations.In the United States the National Council on Public History is an active professional organization that represents, offers services to, … Continue reading Canadian Public History: Where Art Thou?

Anne Linday’s “Archives and Justice”

One of the presentations I found particularly intriguing at the Association of Canadian Archivists conference was Anne Lindsay's presentation on Willard Ireland.  Lindsay's presentation was a condensed version of an article she wrote for Archivaria.  "Archives and Justice: Willard Ireland's Contribution to the Changing Legal Framework of Aboriginal Rights in Canada, 1963-1973" by Lindsay was … Continue reading Anne Linday’s “Archives and Justice”

Wrapping Up #ACA2011: Day Three

The final day of the ACA conference opened with a plenary session focusing on the idea of Being Archived. The panel featured authors Erika Ritter and Rosemary Sullivan. This presentation provided an interesting look on what is like to be on the other side of the fence - to be the one donating your professional … Continue reading Wrapping Up #ACA2011: Day Three

ACA2011 Conference: Day Two

The second day of #ACA2011 open with a plenary session by Dr. Laura Millar. Milliar's presentation was titled Challenging the Fundamentals: Considering the Future of the Canadian Archival System. The organizational theme of Milliar's talk was based in creating a new 'strategic plan' for the Canadian Archival System. This plan called for a coordinated national … Continue reading ACA2011 Conference: Day Two

Association of Canadian Archivists Conference: Day One

Today was the first official day of proceedings at the 2011 (ACA) Conference. The day opened with a keynote presentation by Terry Eastwood, entitled Thinking About the Base of Archival Practice: Is there a Firm Foundation or Not? Eastwood presented an intriguing look archives through a lens of interpretive social practice, with an emphasis on … Continue reading Association of Canadian Archivists Conference: Day One

Upcoming Events

The Canadian history and heritage fields have a busy couple of weeks ahead of them. There are number of national and provincial conferences being held, as well as a few smaller workshops and online events.The Canadian Library Association annual conference is currently (May 25th to May 28th) being held in Halifax. The program can be … Continue reading Upcoming Events