Days Gone By: Built Heritage and Church Closures

Memories can be deeply connected to a specific place or building. When a place that is the foundation of many memories is closed, dismantled, or significantly changed it can be challenging for those who hold the place dear.  Last week I attended the closing service a local united church.  It was an emotional and moving … Continue reading Days Gone By: Built Heritage and Church Closures

Built Heritage in Montreal: Churches

One of my favourite parts of the built heritage landscape that I explored in Montreal was the old churches that are located throughout the city.  These churches are often tucked in amongst office buildings, hotels, and other modern day amenities.  Additionally, a number of the churches have multiple buildings on their properties such as: a … Continue reading Built Heritage in Montreal: Churches

Preservation of the Northern Michigan Asylum

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Traverse City was visiting The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.  The built heritage preservation and adaptive reuse of the buildings contained in the 63 acre site is amazing and serves as a reminder of the possibilities encompassed by built heritage.  The Village is built on the … Continue reading Preservation of the Northern Michigan Asylum

December #builtheritage chat

This month's #builtheritage twitter chat focused on preservation and the holidays.  There was an abundance of good festive promotion ideas,  examples of seasonal events, and First portion of the chat focused on the question, How can you use the holidays to promote your historic site? Some of the proposed activities included:Displaying old holiday photos on … Continue reading December #builtheritage chat

Heritage Gift Giving

Tree of booksIt's that time of year where many of us are scrambling to find the perfect gift for a loved one.  Recently, a number of blogs and organizations have been posting gift suggestions for the heritage lovers in your life. Some of my favourite posted so far, include: National Trust for Historic Preservation holiday … Continue reading Heritage Gift Giving

American Heritage Vegetables

Last week's #builtheritage twitter chat on food and preservation provided an abundance of interesting resource material. This week I stumbled across another great food history resource.  American Heritage Vegetables is a great database of historical vegetables created by the Center for Digital Humanities of the University of South Carolina. The site focuses on cultivation practices, … Continue reading American Heritage Vegetables

November Built Heritage Chat Summary

This month's #builtheritage chat topic was the integration of food and heritage.  Prior to the chat actually starting @lloydalter posted a great link to food posters from the past.  The slide show is well worth a look if you're interested in the evolution of commercialism, food history, or just need a laugh.The first portion of … Continue reading November Built Heritage Chat Summary

August 2011 #builtheritage Chat Summary

August's #builtheritage twitter chat focused on under-served communities and how to reach those communities.  The chat included great discussion and a couple of interesting side debates about the term preservation.  The complete chat transcript can be found here.  Next month's #builtheritage chat is slated for September 7th at 4pm and the tentative topic is collaboration. … Continue reading August 2011 #builtheritage Chat Summary

June’s #builtheritage Chat

The topic for June's #builtheritage twitter chat was heritage tourism.   The chat was moderated by @PresConf and @jonaskayla.  The chat provided an interesting look into the planning, organization, and success of heritage tourism. The first portion of the chat focused on the question What tips do you have for starting a heritage tourism program in … Continue reading June’s #builtheritage Chat