Canadian Heritage Cutbacks

This week has been filled with announcements of program cancellations, staff reductions, and budget restrictions.  Many of these announcements have been related to Canada's heritage field and have the potential to drastically impact heritage sites, archives, and history preservation across the country. The major announcements include:Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has announced a 20% reduction … Continue reading Canadian Heritage Cutbacks

Government Apologies and Collective Memory

The past couple of weeks have been filled with government apologies for historical wrongs. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Air India, and Bloody Sunday Inquiry have all been prominent in the news recently.What significance do public apologies for historic wrongs have? Government apologies have the potential to remind the general public of events long past. … Continue reading Government Apologies and Collective Memory

Canadian Copyright Reform

Early this week Industry Canada Minister Tony Clement announced a 64-page bill to the House of Commons. Bill C-32 is a proposal to admen current current Canadian copyright legislation. The shortened title of the bill is "the Copyright Modernization Act." The bill attempts to address to copyright in an increasingly digital world and the full … Continue reading Canadian Copyright Reform