Active, Digital, Public History

Friday morning at NCPH I presented as part of the "Reaching the Public through the Web: The Practice of Digital Active History" panel with Ian Milligan, Devon Elliott, Tom Peace, and Nathan Smith as the facilitator.  I won't rehash our panel as a lot has already been written to summarize our presentations.  Prior to the … Continue reading Active, Digital, Public History

Reclaiming History Through Photographs

My most recent post, "Reclaiming History Through Photographs" can be seen over at the Active History site.  The post focuses on the use of photographs by repressed and minority peoples to reclaim a lost past.  Images can have a pivotal role in healing, reconciliation, and in the reclamation of lost history.  This particular post highlights … Continue reading Reclaiming History Through Photographs

Beachwood National Cemetery of Canada

The Arlington National Cemetery in the United States is well known amongst Americans (and Canadians) as the national site historic Cemetery.  The Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa, Canada receives a faction of the visitors and publicity that the Arlington site does.  Perhaps this difference relates to larger patriotic differences in Canada and United states.  However, given … Continue reading Beachwood National Cemetery of Canada

Coffee Table History Books

Bookstores are rife with picturesque coffee table books these days.  When browsing I tend to do a cursory scan of the coffee table books related to history.  Some of the most common topics are built heritage, pictorial biographies of public figures, local history, and the history of everyday topics like beer.I particularly enjoy the books … Continue reading Coffee Table History Books

When Forever is Only Temporary: The Maple Leaf For Ever

The original The Maple Leaf For Ever song was composed by Alexander Muir in October 1867.  The song became somewhat of an unofficial anthem of English Canadians until the mid 20th Century, children were taught the song in schools and it was almost as popular as O'Canada.  The original lyrics to the song included many … Continue reading When Forever is Only Temporary: The Maple Leaf For Ever