The New Professional Transition

The transition from student to worker is one that many people struggle with. The transition from new professional to full-fledged member of a profession can be just as challenging at times. New professional groups and grants specifically geared to new professionals can help ease the transition into professional life.  But, what defines a new professional? … Continue reading The New Professional Transition

Overcoming Uncertainity: Possibilites and Passions

Uncertainty and lack of job security can seem like impending doom at times.  However, uncertainty can also inspire reflective thinking, proactive approaches, and reevaluation of goals.  Resisting the temptation to panic when you are unsure of contract renewal or career developments takes practice, but is well worth the effort.Uncertainty opens the door of possibility.  Now … Continue reading Overcoming Uncertainity: Possibilites and Passions

Built Heritage Chat: Preservation Jobs

Today was the #builtheritage chat for May which focused on preservation jobs and employment within the preservation field. The chat was moderated by @jonaskayla, @PresConf, @PresNation, and @PreservationJob. A complete transcript of the chat is available here. The first question of the chat was What’s more critical to a successful preservation career – degrees or … Continue reading Built Heritage Chat: Preservation Jobs