Listening: Who Killed Alberta Williams?

In December 2016 I listened to "Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?" a CBC podcast by Connie Walker.  The podcast focuses on the 1989 death of Alberta Williams on the Highway of Tears near Prince Rupert, British Columbia.  The podcast also discusses Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirits (MMIWG2) in Canada and … Continue reading Listening: Who Killed Alberta Williams?

Checkout a Person: National Human Library Day

Tomorrow, January 26th 2013,  is National Human Library Day in Canada.  The day is sponsored by CBC and invites Canadians to interact with 'human books' at 15 libraries and cultural centers across the country.  The CBC is also hosting an online component of the program where individuals can interact with human books via webcam, text, … Continue reading Checkout a Person: National Human Library Day

Indigenous-Settler Relations: 8th Fire

CBC has recently been running a series called 8th Fire, this tv and radio series focuses on the relationship between Aboriginal people and non-indigenous communities.  The complete series can be streamed online here.8th Fire addresses topics such as land disputes, indigenous urban communities, and economic and demographic shifts which impact everyone within in Canada.  The … Continue reading Indigenous-Settler Relations: 8th Fire

The Massey Lectures

This year marks the 50th anniversary of CBC's Massey Lectures.  The lecture series is named after Vincent Massey, Canada's first Canadian born Governor General.  Each year the CBC Radio (now in collaboration with the House of Anansi Press, and Massey College in the University of Toronto) invites a well known scholar to present his original … Continue reading The Massey Lectures

Canada Reads Non-Fiction 2012

Yesterday, the shortlist for CBC's Canada Reads 2012 was announced. This year the contest is focusing exclusively on works of non-fiction and the shortlist includes a couple of history based works. The list includes:The Boy in the Moon by Ian BrownCockeyed by Ryan Knighton  The Game by Ken DrydenLouis Riel by Chester BrownOn a Cold … Continue reading Canada Reads Non-Fiction 2012

Linguistic Heritage

Language is one of the most commonly used means of expression. A language speaks volumes about the culture that developed it. Despite the value society places on language, there are a number of Aboriginal languages in Canada which are in risk of dying off within a generation. The impact of the residential school system and … Continue reading Linguistic Heritage

Digital Overload and Digital Irony

Like most people today I spend most of my day interacting with digital technology in some way. Digital mediums are a crucial part of my job, even though most of the physical material I'm working with was created long before the internet and computer became mainstream. This contrast seems reasonable when you look at it … Continue reading Digital Overload and Digital Irony