Digital Overload and Digital Irony

Like most people today I spend most of my day interacting with digital technology in some way. Digital mediums are a crucial part of my job, even though most of the physical material I'm working with was created long before the internet and computer became mainstream. This contrast seems reasonable when you look at it … Continue reading Digital Overload and Digital Irony

Virtual Mourning Reexamined

Ages ago I wrote a post on Virtual Dark Tourism which examined the idea of virtual graveyards and the rise of on-line memorials. A Spark podcast recently brought the issue of 'virtual mourning' back to my mind. I recommend listening to the brief portion of the podcast which discusses virtual mourning and the impact which … Continue reading Virtual Mourning Reexamined

Upcoming Projects

With all the New Years resolutions floating around I decided it would be valuable for me to record some of my intentions for the upcoming months. Below is a rough list of projects I have on the go or plan on beginning in the new year.Presentations:-OLA Super Conference, Toronto, February 2010. "Community Digitization Program: Collaboration … Continue reading Upcoming Projects

Online Resource: Our Ontario

I recently stumbled across an interesting digitization project. is a division of Knowledge Ontario. The project aims to make various cultural collections in Ontario more accessible through digitization. Our Ontario works with community organizations throughout Ontario to establish effective and efficient digitization plans. Additionally, the site is geared toward researchers of all ages and … Continue reading Online Resource: Our Ontario

Saved from the black hole.

Tomorrow is British Columbia's 150th anniversary. As part of the commemoration of this anniversary the Globe and Mail featured an article outlining the history that BC's founding. The article also made mention of a particular digital resource, who's history is somewhat amazing on its own. The site of mention is The Colonial Despatches, which is … Continue reading Saved from the black hole.