Historical Reminiscents EP 29: Representation and Making Space in Public History

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Representation matters.  Seeing people like yourself within your profession, in leadership roles, and succeeding in their work can make a huge impact on the careers of new and emerging professionals. In today's episode I talk about the lack of diversity within public history, archives, and the heritage field more broadly.  I also provide examples of … Continue reading Historical Reminiscents EP 29: Representation and Making Space in Public History

NCPH recap: Day Two, March 17

I'm recapping my NCPH 2016 experience.  I wrote yesterday about my experience on the first day of the conference and the LGBT history workshop.  Day two was filled with sessions, connecting with colleagues, and quality discussions. New Member Welcome Day two started off bright and early at 7:30am with the new members breakfast.  As part … Continue reading NCPH recap: Day Two, March 17

Historical Societies and Community Heritage

Regardless of the size of the city, town, or rural community you live in there is a good chance your community has a historical society. These societies are often comprised of passionate volunteers who care greatly about the preservation of community history. What role does your local historical society play in the preservation and interpretation … Continue reading Historical Societies and Community Heritage

Public History Survey

The preliminary results of a 2008 survey of public history professionals was recently released. These results are available via the American Historical Association publication Perspectives on History and in the NCPH newsletter.This survey was organized in an attempt to provide better understanding of the public history profession, and perhaps create a clearer definition of public … Continue reading Public History Survey

Summer Whirlwind

After completing the course work portion of the UWO Public History program, I packed all my bags and moved to Ottawa. I spent the summer working as an intern for The History Group and volunteering at the Canadian Museum of Nature. I enjoyed my time at both organizations, and was able to gain a number … Continue reading Summer Whirlwind