Slow Art Day

April 12th 2014 is Slow Art Day.  A day dedicated to encouraging people to discover art and the joy of looking at art.  The day also emphasizes the idea that people can see and experience art without an expert.  Art galleries and museums internationally are hosting Slow Art Day events.  Most events are structured to … Continue reading Slow Art Day

Rolling the Dice With Guided Tours

Our group with our tour guide at the Ermatinger SiteInterpretation can make or break a museum visit.  Context, signage, and interpretation strategies are essential to creating a heritage environment which is inviting, educational, and ultimately enjoyable.  Properly trained interpretive staff can infuse a visit with enthusiasm, context, and information that isn't always accessible to the … Continue reading Rolling the Dice With Guided Tours

Hands-On: Experiential Learning at Heritage Sites

The idea of experiential learning (the process of learning through doing) is being heavily promoted in education systems right now. Hands on activities, active involvement in learning exercises, and anything other than listening to people talk are all types of experiential learning. Living history sites are excellent examples of heritage organizations which utilize experiential learning.  Visitors … Continue reading Hands-On: Experiential Learning at Heritage Sites