Local Architecture and National Differences

One of the best parts of day two of #ncph2012 was the walking tour of downtown Milwaukee.  The tour was put on by Historic Milwaukee Inc.  This particular tour was especially crafted for the conference and combined elements of various different tours HMI gives. I learned lots about local architecture styles, local history, and the … Continue reading Local Architecture and National Differences

Legends Project

The Legends Project began in 2002 as a small CBC initiative in Iqaluit, Nunavut to record, archive, and create radio dramas of the oral traditions of Inuit and First Nation communities in Canada. Eventually these oral stories and dramatizations were played on CBC Radio in both English and their original Indigenous language.Currently, the project has … Continue reading Legends Project

Hidden Legacy Conference Highlights

This past week I attended the Hidden Legacy Conference in Winnipeg. The conference featured an interesting combination of speakers and highlighted a variety of view points relating to trauma and inter-generational impacts.The first day of the conference included eight main speakers and a panel discussion. The first keynote speaker of the day was Dr. Gabor … Continue reading Hidden Legacy Conference Highlights

The Hidden Legacy Conference

Next week I will be attending The Hidden Legacy Conference put on by the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. The conference focuses on the generational impact of residential schools and legacy of residential school trauma in Aboriginal communities. The full conference agenda can be seen here. I am looking forward to a number of a sessions … Continue reading The Hidden Legacy Conference

Spanish Residential School

During my trip down to Southern Ontario during the holidays I stopped at the former site of the Indian Residential School in Spanish, Ontario. This site was once home to St. Peter Claver's Residential School for Boys, St. Joseph's Girls Residential School. Eventually St. Peter Claver's was turned into the Garnier Residential School.The site is … Continue reading Spanish Residential School

Intergration through tradition

Today's #reverb10 prompt was: Body integration. This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn't mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present?The moments this year where I have felt the most integrated have occurred since I started my new job. … Continue reading Intergration through tradition

When a Siege Is Not Really a Siege.

This weekend marks the 125th anniversary of the Siege of North Battleford. This event as traditionally has been commemorated as a siege by the Métis and Cree on the white settlers in what would eventually become Saskatchewan. A recent article in the Globe and Mail, suggests that there may be some problems with the way … Continue reading When a Siege Is Not Really a Siege.

Day3: Aboriginal History, the Value of Archives, and Confederation

Session 1: Aboriginal Oral History and Canadian Courts. This session dealt with the ongoing debate about the validity of using oral history in court trials. Christopher Bracken's paper The Judge and the Pharmakon: Oral History and Aboriginal Rights was particularly interesting. Bracken examined the validity of oral history from a philosophical and literary perspective. The … Continue reading Day3: Aboriginal History, the Value of Archives, and Confederation