Archaeology and Residential Schools

This week two archaeologists stopped by the archive I work at.  These particular archaeologists have in recent years been focusing on Residential Schools.  Prior to their visit I had not considered the tremendous value that archaeology can add to ongoing research relating to Residential Schools.   The majority of my work focus on textual records, photographs, … Continue reading Archaeology and Residential Schools

Archives and Historical Research in Works of Fantasy

I recently rediscovered my love for fantasy fiction.  This love was rekindled while I read the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson.  In addition to being an excellent fantasy series, the Mistborn series allowed me to consider the portrayal of archives and historians in works of fantasy.Sanderson's Final Empire includes a sect of people who are … Continue reading Archives and Historical Research in Works of Fantasy

Introducing the Archive: Greeting First Time Visitors

The overwhelming majority of visitors to the archive I work at have never been inside an archive before.  Many of the visitors come from outside academia or are undergraduate and high school students stepping into an archive for the first time.  In addition to being new to archives, many visitors are searching for documents relating … Continue reading Introducing the Archive: Greeting First Time Visitors

Reference Services: Asking the Right Questions

Thus far, my roles in the heritage field have typically been collection or research based, I enjoy both of these roles and all that goes with them.  However, recently my job has expanded into providing some reference services and assisting patrons with research requests.  The nature of the reference questions that have come across my … Continue reading Reference Services: Asking the Right Questions

Tangible History: Artifacts as Gateways to the Past

Powder Flask, McCord Museum, M975.61.76My most recent post can be seen over on the site.  The post, "Tangible History: Artifacts as Gateways to the Past" focuses on the use of artifacts as primary sources in historical research and in educational settings.

Summer Whirlwind

After completing the course work portion of the UWO Public History program, I packed all my bags and moved to Ottawa. I spent the summer working as an intern for The History Group and volunteering at the Canadian Museum of Nature. I enjoyed my time at both organizations, and was able to gain a number … Continue reading Summer Whirlwind

Online Resource: Our Ontario

I recently stumbled across an interesting digitization project. is a division of Knowledge Ontario. The project aims to make various cultural collections in Ontario more accessible through digitization. Our Ontario works with community organizations throughout Ontario to establish effective and efficient digitization plans. Additionally, the site is geared toward researchers of all ages and … Continue reading Online Resource: Our Ontario

Looking Back: Public History and Expanding Viewpoints

For more than a week I have been trying to collect my thoughts on the past eight months of the public history program. I initially wanted to summarize what I've learned, discuss the evolution of my views on public history, and the narrowing of my interests. However, when I sat down to actually do this, … Continue reading Looking Back: Public History and Expanding Viewpoints

Trends and Google

Lists of what is most popular, and the most popular searches conducted aren't anything new. However, Google has expanded on people's interests in trends and created Google Trends. This search feature allows users to search anything their heart desires, and receive a chart which highlights current and past trends on the topic. This feature is … Continue reading Trends and Google