Rivers Speak Community Play

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Gigidoowag Ziibiik (Rivers Speak) Community Play.  This fantastic project was the culminating event of Thinking Rock Community Arts' efforts to engage community members in story telling and art making.  Since 2013 Thinking Rock has involved over 1500 individuals in hands-on making and storytelling with an emphasis on reflecting … Continue reading Rivers Speak Community Play

Hands-On: Experiential Learning at Heritage Sites

The idea of experiential learning (the process of learning through doing) is being heavily promoted in education systems right now. Hands on activities, active involvement in learning exercises, and anything other than listening to people talk are all types of experiential learning. Living history sites are excellent examples of heritage organizations which utilize experiential learning.  Visitors … Continue reading Hands-On: Experiential Learning at Heritage Sites

Tale of a Town: History Meets Theater

This morning CBC played a documentary entitled, "Small Time Stories: From the Tale of a Town - Queen Street West."  The radio documentary was based on the work done to compile the multimedia interactive play Tale of a Town that focuses on the history of the Queen Street West neighbourhood in Toronto.  The radio production … Continue reading Tale of a Town: History Meets Theater

Living History: Holy Walk

Last week I attended the Bruce Mines "Holy Walk."  The idea behind the event is to tell a non-denominational version of the Christian Christmas story in an interactive way.   Participants are taken on a walk from Nazareth to Jerusalem and experience the sights and sounds of the era during the walk.The Holy Walk has been … Continue reading Living History: Holy Walk

Heritage on Mackinac Island

 Last month I spent a day on Mackinac Island in Michigan.  This excursion was filled with heritage gawking and a visits to living history sites. Some of the trips’ highlights include: Seeing the vibrant outreach programming at the St. Ignace Museums.  Each Friday night during the summer months the St. Ignace museums put on educational programming.  … Continue reading Heritage on Mackinac Island