NCPH recap: Day Three, March 18

I'm recapping my NCPH 2016 experience.  I've already written about the first two days of the conference and some of the great workshops and sessions from those days.  I presented on day three and also had the chance to attend some great sessions and the inspiring public plenary. Transformative Archival Methods: Inclusivity, Partnerships, Human Rights, … Continue reading NCPH recap: Day Three, March 18

Monday Maps

It's Monday and the hashtag #MappyMonday has made another appearance.  The hashtag includes maps of all shapes and sizes and a number of the linked maps are historical in nature.  If you're on twitter and interested in mapping, historical geography, or spacial representations check out the #MappyMonday hashtag.If you're not on twitter (and even if … Continue reading Monday Maps

Digital Map Making Roundup

I've recently come across a lot of great material focusing on digital map making, bottom-up cartography, and the linkage of digital maps to the physical world. A few of these great posts have been listed below: Mapping our Learning Worlds by Lyndsay Grant on the DMLcentral blog. This post does an excellent job of highlight the … Continue reading Digital Map Making Roundup

Indigenous Knowledge and Mapping

Washow Sectional Map, Manitoba Historical MapsOne of the project's currently being undertaken byOne of the project's currently being undertaken by Carleton University’s Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC) focuses on the display of Indigenous knowledge and culture through the use of cybercartography.  This initiative has resulted in the creation of cybercatrographic atlases which incorporate interactive perspectives  … Continue reading Indigenous Knowledge and Mapping

Mapping and Privacy Concerns

I recently wrote on the trade off between convenience and privacy, this issue came to my attention once again while exploring virtual mapping. Most people have used Google earth or Google maps at one point or another. These applications are largely accepted by the general public as tools which make our lives easier. Google recently … Continue reading Mapping and Privacy Concerns