Post NCPH2012 Conference Wrap-up

I think I'm still coming down from a conference high.  Despite the backlog of email and reference requests that awaited me upon my return, I'm extremely happy that I was able to attend #ncph2012.  My thoughts about specific sessions and networking opportunities I attended can be seen in previous posts.What did you get out of … Continue reading Post NCPH2012 Conference Wrap-up

Historical Authority and Sense of Place

On the Saturday of #ncph2012 I attended a number of great sessions.  My favourite session of the day, and perhaps the whole conference was "Letting Go? Historical Authority in a User Generated World."  Despite being at 8:30am, this session was lively, discussion filled, and actively engaged attendees.  The session began by the presenters encouraging participants … Continue reading Historical Authority and Sense of Place

Representation of the Indian Wars and Networking Galore

The second session I attended as part of #ncph2012 focused on the reinterpretation of the Indian Wars by the National Parks Service (NPS).  The panel contained a number of NPS service staff who worked at specific parks and at the upper management level.The main desire to reinterpret many historic sites has arisen from many Forts … Continue reading Representation of the Indian Wars and Networking Galore

Museums, Steampunk, and Makers

The first session I attended today at #ncph2012 / #oah2012 was focused on Museums and Makers.  The panel included @cathystanton, @katefreedman, and @publichistorian. To give you a taste of the variety and level of fun this session included, some of the things mentioned included: steampunk elephant, fire breathing bicycles, and knitted dragons.Overall, I came away with … Continue reading Museums, Steampunk, and Makers