Reflecting on Camping and the Parks System

I've went camping twice this summer and stayed at three Provincial Parks in Ontario as part of that experience.  I've been thinking a lot about the complicated nature behind the parks system, the dispossession of Indigenous people from parks and the lack of acknowledgement of the traditional usage of the land by Parks.  None of … Continue reading Reflecting on Camping and the Parks System

Pukaskwa National Park

Recently I visited Pukaskwa National Park, the only wilderness national Park in Ontario.  The Park features a small campground and 1878 square km of wonderful Northern Ontario natural heritage. I had a wonderful time camping, exploring, and learning about the landscape at Pukaskwa.  We were there prior to the official start of their interpretation season … Continue reading Pukaskwa National Park

Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour

Parks Canada recently announced a Northern Ontario heritage GeoTour that combines geocaching and the history of the Northern Ontario region.  Details on the GeoTour were a bit difficult to locate initially, as the links provided in my local paper didn't direct users to the correct site and the parks website has a number of geolocation … Continue reading Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour

Natural Heritage: Dark Sky Reserve

This year marks the Centennial anniversary of Parks Canada. This anniversary seems to have contributed to a recent increase in media coverage of natural heritage sites and events. As a result of this inspiration, I've decide to start a series of blogs focusing on Canada's rich natural heritage.After some debate, I decided that this first … Continue reading Natural Heritage: Dark Sky Reserve

Parks Canada’s Digital Move

Parks Canada recently announced intentions to provide location specific content to park visitors using GPS technology and a program called Explora. Explora includes location specific 'pop-ups' with information pertaining to the area visitors are in, it also includes an interactive quiz type feature. During the pilot phase of the project Parks Canada handed out devices … Continue reading Parks Canada’s Digital Move