Where to Find Me At NCPH

Next week I'll be heading to Indianapolis for this year's National Council on Public History conference. The agenda is filled with great sounding panels, roundtables, and workshops.  I'm really looking forward to connecting with other public history professionals and digging into some public history. I haven't selected which panels I'll be attending during the conference … Continue reading Where to Find Me At NCPH

Reflection: 2016 Accomplishments

For the past few years I've reflected on my professional practice and accomplishments at the end of the year.  I'm going to continue that tradition with this blog post albeit in a slightly more list based format than the reflective posts I've done in the past. In 2016 I did a lot of things including: … Continue reading Reflection: 2016 Accomplishments

Service Excellence Award

Earlier this month I was awarded the Service Excellent Award at AlgomaU.  This award aims to celebrate employees who consistently: Demonstrate extraordinary commitment by continuously providing excellent customer service. Make a significant impact on students, staff, departments or the University. Demonstrates open communication and quality improvement opportunities. Knowledgeable about various department responsibilities and the University … Continue reading Service Excellence Award

Shingwauk Gathering – the 2016 Edition

This past weekend the Shingwauk Gathering and Conference was held at Algoma University.  This event grew out of the 1981 Shingwauk Reunion and invites survivors, inter-generational survivors, those engaged in reconciliation and healing work, and community members to gather, share, and learn.  This year the theme of the Gathering was "Fulfilling the Vision" and focused … Continue reading Shingwauk Gathering – the 2016 Edition

Service, Professional Development and Privilege

I've been thinking a lot about service expectations, professional development opportunities and privilege.  A lot has been written on the connection of conference attendance and privilege, conferences are expensive to attend and in the academic world that you often essentially pay to present your research.  If you're lucky enough to have a job that includes … Continue reading Service, Professional Development and Privilege

New Professionals and Hiring Committees

When I started my first job after grad school I was in a position that including hiring as one of its many tasks.  Prior to this point I had only sat on the opposite side of the hiring table and I remember feeling a bit overwhelming at being responsible for deciding who received a job.  … Continue reading New Professionals and Hiring Committees

Attire and Professional Identity

Earlier this week I participated in the SAA Student and New Archives Professionals Roundtable twitter chat on workplace attire.  The chat was co-hosted by Librarian Wardrobe and like most #snaprt chats invited students, new professionals, and seasoned archives staff to engage in meaningful discussion. I don't really fit in the new professional category but I … Continue reading Attire and Professional Identity

Supporting An Active Writing Practice

As you may have already guessed I like writing.  I've been blogging about public history for years, I maintain a personal/off-topic blog with my partner, I've written for other history outlets, and I also write occasionally as part of my job. I also write some fiction occasionally.  Like many people who maintain creative or academic … Continue reading Supporting An Active Writing Practice

NCPH Recap: Day One, March 16

Another year, another NCPH conference down.  This is by far my favourite conference.  It brings together so many diverse perspectives, there is a welcoming sense of community, and the sessions are always dynamic and engaging.  I had a fantastic time in Baltimore at NCPH 2016 and over the next week or so I will be … Continue reading NCPH Recap: Day One, March 16

Interviewing and the Power of Perspective

In December 2015 I interviewed for University Archivist position at a Canadian university. I've attempted to write about this experience a couple of times but have repeatedly deleted what I wrote.  I initially considered writing broadly about the university archives/faculty hiring experience. The interview process for this position was completely different than any of the … Continue reading Interviewing and the Power of Perspective