Historical Reminiscents EP 27: Diving Into Twitter for Canadian History

Wooden stairs going into a lake. Right side reads " Episode 27: Diving Into Twitter for Canadian History"

I use Twitter a lot and believe it can be a fantastic resource of Canadian historians and public history practitioners.  In this episode I discuss how to get the most our of Twitter, the potential of Twitter for community building, and the conference applications of the platform. I would love to hear about your experience … Continue reading Historical Reminiscents EP 27: Diving Into Twitter for Canadian History

Organization Social Media Accounts

For the past number of years I've been managing the Activehistory.ca social media accounts, namely Twitter and Facebook.  Since the fall I've also been managing Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts for my work. The accounts are somewhat different in nature.  The Active History accounts are primarily used to promote new website content, so I don't … Continue reading Organization Social Media Accounts

Documenting Archival Process

One of the things I've been experimenting with adding into my workflow recently is documenting donations as the arrive at the archive.  Normally the contextual information, dates, extent etc are captured in a donor form and this information is further expanded on when the material is accessioned.  This is fairly standard. What I've been trying … Continue reading Documenting Archival Process

Friday Reading: Gender and Outreach

A weeks end look back at some of the archives, public history, and library world readings that I've been pondering on this week. Gender in Libraries: "If You Give a Librarian A Cookie" a great post by Dani Brecher Cook on the gendered work, the challenges of letting gender expectations control actions, and the need to … Continue reading Friday Reading: Gender and Outreach

Virtual Tourism and Audience Engagement

A recent issue of The Public Historian contained an interesting article, "#VirtualTourist: Embracing Our Audience through Public History Web Experience" by Anne Lindsay.  The article highlighted the ongoing challenges that cultural heritage sites in engage new and diverse audiences.  Lindsay focused on the potential of institutional web presence in the development of audience and donor … Continue reading Virtual Tourism and Audience Engagement

Speaking Up for Heritage

Earlier this week someone asked me why I first became interested in archives and what I like about my job.  I responded with my fairly standard response about my background in public history and how I really like that my place of employment focuses on engaging communities through archival material and placing an emphasis on … Continue reading Speaking Up for Heritage

Community Archives and Sharing Information

Bates Hall, reading roomMorning North recently featured a segment on the facebook page "Sudbury's Fine Past & Future Let's Reminisce."  The page aims to share photographs and memories of Sudbury.  The page has over two thousand likes and over 50 photo albums focusing on all aspects of Sudbury history including theaters, hospitals, streetcars, and neighborhoods. … Continue reading Community Archives and Sharing Information

Authorship in an Online World.

Overwhelmed by search results? Struggling to keep up with Tweets? Buried under your RSS feeds? The amount of digital content and digital authorship is constantly growing. Today anyone can digitally publish content. Blogs, personal websites, twitter, and other social media have made it easy for individuals to create an online presence and produce "published" material.Academics … Continue reading Authorship in an Online World.

Collaborative Photo Encyclopedia

Fotopedia is a collaborative open source photo encyclopedia. The site is an interesting blend of the knowledge of Wikipedia combined with the expansive array of image of flickr. The emphasis is more on the side of the photos, however each collection of photos is accompanied by a brief encyclopedia article. The number of photos and … Continue reading Collaborative Photo Encyclopedia

Online Resource: Our Ontario

I recently stumbled across an interesting digitization project. OurOntario.ca is a division of Knowledge Ontario. The project aims to make various cultural collections in Ontario more accessible through digitization. Our Ontario works with community organizations throughout Ontario to establish effective and efficient digitization plans. Additionally, the site is geared toward researchers of all ages and … Continue reading Online Resource: Our Ontario