Writing and Researching in Public

In the past couple of years there have been a handful of writing in public projects which aim to illuminate the academic writing process, allow writers to connect with others, and demystify the labour that goes into writing. For example Michelle Moravec's Writing in Public project makes visual the process that goes into writing history.  … Continue reading Writing and Researching in Public

Peer Mentors and Peer Nurturing

Letters to a Young Librarian recently had a great post on the idea and importance of peer mentors.  Jessica Olin makes a great point about the value of having a support network and peers who you can turn to for support and honest feedback. Mentors can provide advice.  But sometimes having those close relationships that … Continue reading Peer Mentors and Peer Nurturing

Onwards and Upwards

In 2008 I started blogging at Historical Reminiscents.  The original impetus for beginning that blog was an assignment as part of a digital history class.  The blog was much longer lasting than the class and has featured over 400 posts since 2008. This past weekend I imported all those old posts, had a domain registered … Continue reading Onwards and Upwards