Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Category: local history

Rivers Speak Community Play

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Gigidoowag Ziibiik (Rivers Speak) Community Play.  This fantastic project was the culminating event of Thinking Rock Community Arts‘ efforts to engage community members in story telling and art making.  Since 2013 Thinking Rock has involved over 1500 individuals in hands-on making and storytelling with an emphasis on reflecting…
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Neys Provincial Park

Following a great trip to Pukaskwa National Park I kept up the natural history and camping adventure by spending a few nights at Neys Provincial Park.  I was struck by the difference in landscape between the two parks despite them being less than an hour away from each other.  Pukaskwa had very hilly, cliff views…
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Canadian Girls In Training: 100 Years With A Purpose

My most recent post, “Canadian Girls in Training: 100 Years With A Purpose” can be seen over at Active History.  I wrote this post after attending a local 100th anniversary celebration of CGIT and learning about the local impact of the organization.  The post also looks at the history of CGIT across Canada and the…
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Brewing Monopoly in Ontario: Northern Breweries Ltd.

Northern Breweries Ltd. was a Canadian brewing company founded in 1907 by the Doran, Mackey, and Fee families. Located in Northern Ontario the company played a significant role in many northern communities and the built history of these facilities are still being considered locally. The company originally started in Sudbury as the Sudbury Brewing and…
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Passing Laws, Just Because: Sault Ste Marie Language Resolution

Downtown there’s a parade But I don’t think I want to go Smart as trees in Sault Ste. Marie I can speak my mother tongue Passing laws, just because And singing songs of the English unsung -“Born in the Water”, The Tragically Hip If you’re not from Sault Ste Marie you might not understand the…
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