Ontario Extend mOOC – Module 4 Stretches

Person stretching with brown trees in background

The #ExtendmOOC I’m currently participating in has ‘stretches’ built into it.  These stretches often pose a question, require some creative thinking, and are quick fun activities,  The stretches are made available throughout each module and are considered extras.  I’ve really enjoyed these activities – partially because a lot of them have involved memes, gifs, and images.  Here are my responses to the module 4 stretch challenges:

As we kick off the Collaborator Module, one dedicated to building connections with each other, let’s pump some tires today in Extend mOOC. To pump someone’s tires, at its simplest, is to give someone a compliment. To fill them up a little bit.

My favourite compliment from the Emergency Compliment generator is all about socks and sandals. I’ve also been trying to boost someone’s work or content on Twitter at least once a day.

Socks + Sandals + you = I'm into it. written in white on blue background

It’s one thing to look for Open Educational Resources for your own use (asdo for the Curator module). But now think of a colleague who teaches a different subject area– try to find an OER to recommend to them.

I decided to find a resource connected to teaching about social justice and global citizenship. The resource I found using the OER Commons search site was Justice in Rwanda and the Rights of Women, with Alice Karekezi. The recording is from 1999, so I think it would be interesting to use snippets of it to show how the rights of women and social justice have evolved in Rwanda since the 90s.

What does a professional learning network of Ontario Extend look like? Where are you in it?
I LOVE the visualizations created by the Twitter Tags Explorer. This visualization shows the connections and conversations connecting to the Extend mOOC on Twitter. I’m the red dot, bottom right, in this web of Twitter connections.

Graphic of twitter connections

If cows can get in on open collaboration, why not us? Have some fun by drawing a cow-laboration image (from Open Source Way, see a collection of 170 cow-laborators).
I love the pun in this daily extend/stretch! My cow may turned out looking more like a dragon, but I think that points to why I collaborate with graphic designers.

Photo at top of post: Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

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