Indigenous Knowledge and Mapping

Washow Sectional Map, Manitoba Historical Maps

One of the project’s currently being undertaken byOne of the project’s currently being undertaken by Carleton University’s Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre (GCRC) focuses on the display of Indigenous knowledge and culture through the use of cybercartography.  

This initiative has resulted in the creation of cybercatrographic atlases which incorporate interactive perspectives  on themes such as homelessness, place names, traditional language, traditional knowledge, and others. These atlases and the project as a whole are completely open source and do an excellent job of blending geomatics, historical landscapes, and technology. Each atlas contains interactive features such as media clips, photographs, video, traditional languages, and historic maps.

Currently the GCRC is working on nine different atlases focusing on different aspects of Indigenous knowledge and culture.  The atlases include: 

The “Living Cybercartographic Atlas of Indigenous Perspectives and Knowledge” is a good place to start if you’re interested in exploring the variety of resources complied in each atlas.

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