Look Back and Look Forward

Unlike in some previous years this December I didn’t participate in reverb or any similar end of year reflective writing practice.  But I do want to look back at some of things that made 2015 a memorable year and my plans for 2016.

Looking Back:

The Future:

  • Continue to develop my academic writing practice.  I did an okay job of sticking to a weekly writing regime in 2015 and want to keep building on that foundation.
  • Create meaningful learning opportunities for students who are working in the archive.  I’ve been consistently trying to do this but I want to continue to focus on nurturing scholarship in ways that build skill sets.
  • Be active.  This falls under my growing understanding of self-care.
  • I’m looking forward to being at NCPH 2016 this year.  I’m presenting and helping with some of the membership committee events.  This is by far my favourite conference and I’m sure Baltimore will be a fantastic experience.

Onward to 2016.

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