Changing Roles: Archives Supervisor

I’ve been back from parental leave for a bit over a month.  When I left in October 2014 I was working as a Researcher/Curator in the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre.  I spent a year and a half in that role and had the opportunity to work on a number of great creative projects.  While in that position I also had the chance to brush up on project management, administrative, and exhibit skills.  Some of the highlights involved working with many creative people, artists, and communities.

When I returned to work a month ago my position had fundamentally changed.  I am now working as an Archives Supervisor and  working with the archival collections held by the Arthur A. Wishart Library and the Shingwauk Residential Schools.  This new position also has me working closely with the Anglican Diocese of Algoma Archives which are held at AlgomaU.  The transition wasn’t unexpected. The timing of the transition just got pushed back to coincide with my return to work following my leave.

I’ve been enjoying getting reacquainted with archival processing, arrangement, and general archival work.  Reference requests are back to being a major part of my work and I love getting to actually work with the holdings on a daily basis.  On the public history and outreach front I’m still working with the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre to do educational tours, help plan the annual Shingwauk conference, and the Project of Heart education initiative.  Lots of changes but all of the good kind.