Friday Reading: ArchivesAware

Last most the Committee on Public Awareness (COPA) of the Society of American Archivists launched ArchivesAware a site deigned for those engaged in archival work to share experiences and ideas around raising public awareness of archives.

The blog has just started but so far the content has been promising and has showcased a number of interesting outreach projects.  Featured projects so far include a archival instruction videos created using LEGO and stop-motion video, an emerging comic focused on archives, and a look at an archives use of Tumblr to promote their collection and raise awareness about what archives do.  I look forward to see what other projects are showcased in coming months – there are lot of innovative and creative outreach projects out there in archives land and it’s great to see a professional organization taking the initiative to highlight this work.

The site is open to submissions of “Features” or short “Highlights”  and welcomes non-traditional mediums for more details and how to submit click here.