Who Was Brian Vallée?

Last year I wrote a few posts for Canada’s History education section on their website. However because of website revamps some of that content was delayed in getting posted.  My second piece “Who was Brian Vallée?” is now available on their site.

This piece talks about Brian Vallée as an award winning author, journalist, film producer and Vallée’s work to raise awareness about domestic violence.  It also discusses different forms outreach to building awareness about the Brian Vallée’s life and his fonds held at Algoma University.  Brian Vallée’s lack of digital presence was one of the reason I initially became involved in editing Wikipedia – so it was nice to revisit and think about different forms of community and digital outreach.

Creating the Historical Record in Literary and Personal Archives

My most recent post, “Creating the Historical Record in Literary and Personal Archives“, can be seen over at Activehistory.ca.  This post looks at the specific challenges around historical use of literary archives, the unique nature of documenting creative process, and how historians can use literary archival material.  I also look at the Brian Vallée fonds as an example of the type of material held in archives created by writers and the social history that is often included in these collections.