Closed Stacks, Open Shutters

The Closed Stacks, Open Shutters: An Archivist Photobook became available today. The book initially started off as an idea for a sexy archivist calendar and is the result of a call for “sexy archivist” pictures and on Twitter.

All proceeds raised by the sales of the Photobook go towards next years Spontaneous Scholarships fund which helps pay the registration fee for some students and recent grads at the annual Society of American Archivists (SAA) conference.

Still not convinced? Kate over at ArchivesNext has a great list of the top five reasons to buy a copy.

Upcoming Events

The Canadian history and heritage fields have a busy couple of weeks ahead of them. There are number of national and provincial conferences being held, as well as a few smaller workshops and online events.

  • The Canadian Library Association annual conference is currently (May 25th to May 28th) being held in Halifax. The program can be found here and a number of participants are tweeting there impressions under the hashtag #CLA2011.
  • The Canadian Historical Association is holding its annual conference in conjunction with the 2011 Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences, from May 30th to June 1st.
  • The Association of Canadian Archivists’ (ACA) 2011 conference will be held in Toronto from June 2 to June 4, 2011. The complete program is available online and the conference hashtag is #ACA2011
  • June 1st is this month’s #builtheritage twitter chat. This month’s focus is on local engagement.
  • This year’s Ontario Heritage Conference is being held in Coburg, June 3rd-June 5th. The theme of the conference is “Creating the Will” and the conference schedule can be seen here.
  • June 15-17th is the Ontario Archives Association conference, which is being held in Thunder Bay this year. The full program is available online.
  • Doors and trails open events are also occurring in communities throughout Ontario.

I will be attending the ACA conference next week. I am particularly looking forward to two sessions focusing on the issues surrounding the archival preservation of Indigenous heritage. I am also planning to use twitter to follow some of the other conferences that I am unable to attend.

Contrary to popular belief librarians do know how to party

Today’s #reverb10 prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

OLA Super Conference 2010 was the best work related gathering in 2010. This conference was the first library focused conference I attended. The level of enthusiasm, the roar of the vendor floor, the sessions I attended, and copious amounts of good food and good company made this the work related gathering of 2010.

Highlights of the conference included:
-Presenting with OurOntario on collaboration and community building withing the Community Digitization Project.
-Reuniting with OurOntario staff for the first time in six months.
-Seeing the Knowledge Ontario staff in action on the vendors’ floor
-The Extraordinary Canadians authors session.
-Learning more about the different branches of the library field.

I also had the opportunity to see the Rain Tribute to the Beatles while in Toronto for the OLA conference. That combined with the OLA conference made for a great week.