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Rock climbing wall, "Episode 22: Safe and Brave spaces"

Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 44: Safe and Brave Spaces

Welcome back to season two of the Historical Reminiscents podcast.  In this episode, I talk about safe spaces, braver spaces, and building welcoming physical and digital spaces for dialogue. I also introduce the new Rapid Reads segment to the podcast. I would love to hear your thoughts on the terms brave space and safe space.…
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A circle of coffee cups on a wood table.

Facilitation and Building Public History Discussion Spaces

Facilitating meaningful discussion can be hard.  Many of us have facilitation success and horror stories from the seminar room, a larger classroom setting, or a community outreach program.  Engaged conversations can be a powerful way to learn and provide a sense of shared learning, build on collective intelligence, and allow for diverse viewpoints. The Art…
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4Rs Framework: Seeding Reconciliation On Uneven Ground

The 4Rs Youth Movement is a youth-led organization dedicated to facilitating conversations and changing relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. 4Rs is committed to the values of respect, reciprocity, reconciliation and relevance and brings those values into all of the dialogues and programming it runs. I’ve had the opportunity to work with 4Rs on a…
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