Ontario Extend mOOC – Module 5

I’m currently participating in the eCampus Ontario Extend mOOC focused on technology enabled learning.  As part of this medium sized Open Online Course (mOOC) it was suggested that participants keep an ongoing set of notes to document and organize their thoughts about the experience.  As a way to document my experience I’m going to be keeping informal blog notes that reflect on what I’m learning and the activities I’m engaging in via the mOOC.

Module 5 of the mOOC is called “Experimenters” and is focused on challenging participants to try new things, embrace experimentation, and integrate elements of the other modules. I’ll be working through this module’s activities this week and will be sharing my work below as I complete it:

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Ontario Extend mOOC – Module 5 Stretches/Daily

Tabby Cat stretching

The #ExtendmOOC I’m currently participating in has ‘stretches’ built into it.  These stretches often pose a question, require some creative thinking, and are quick fun activities,  The stretches are made available throughout each module and are considered extras.  I’ve really enjoyed these activities – partially because a lot of them have involved memes, gifs, and images.  Here are my responses to the module 5 stretch challenges:

Use Youdubber to mix the video of one YouTube video with the audio from a second, and experiment with how a music track might change the mood of the original video.
I couldn’t resist the temptation to make this activity reflective of my interests…enter a mashup of sheep herding and Doctor Who theme music. Yep. It is a good as it sounds.

#oext328 Write a logical sounding sentence using wordoid. (Wordoids are made-up words. They look unique and sound natural).

“There were a lot of learnisms in that conference presentation.”


Featured image: Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash