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Cookbook on left, right side reads Episode 63: Archival Cookbooks

Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 63: Archival Cookbooks

How does food interest with your understanding of the past? In today’s episode I’m talking about food in the archives, historical recipes, and teaching history through food. I’ll also be talking about some of my favourite historical cookbook quirks. Mentioned in this episode: -Sophie Hicks, Active History posts on using food as historical narrative-Madison Bifano,…
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Food Memories and Public History

The latest issue of The Public Historian, “Time’s Tables: Food in Public History” had a special focus on the interaction of food and public history.  Reading the issue made me hungry and intrigued by the complexity of intertwining food into conceptions of the past. I particularly enjoyed Adam Steinberg’s article “What We Talk About When…
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American Heritage Vegetables

Last week’s #builtheritage twitter chat on food and preservation provided an abundance of interesting resource material. This week I stumbled across another great food history resource.  American Heritage Vegetables is a great database of historical vegetables created by the Center for Digital Humanities of the University of South Carolina. The site focuses on cultivation practices,…
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