Ontario Extend mOOC – Module 2 Stretches

The #ExtendmOOC I’m currently participating in has ‘stretches’ built into it.  These stretches often pose a question, require some creative thinking, and are quick fun activities,  The stretches are made available throughout each module and are considered extras.  I’ve really enjoyed these activities – partially because a lot of them have involved memes, gifs, and images.  Here are my responses to the module 2 stretch challenges: Continue reading Ontario Extend mOOC – Module 2 Stretches

Historical Reminiscents EP 14: All The Memes

Iphone, headphone, and book on a wooden table

New podcast episode! This week’s episode is a case of ‘and now for something completely different.’ I talk about some of my favourite public history and archives focused web comics and memes.  I discuss using memes in the classroom and their potential as educational tools.  I also tackle the question of meme preservation and copyright.

Interested in using memes in the classroom? Or just want to an introduction to some quality public history and archives meme content? This is the episode for you.

Mentioned in this episode:
Remember | Resist | Redraw: A Radical History Project
Public History Ryan Gosling
Derangement and Description
Beyond the Elevator

Download or listen now.