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Context Matters: Indigenous Knowledge and OER

As part of my eCampus Ontario Open Education Fellows project I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Skylee-Storm Hogan on a couple of projects. As always, this collaboration has been a joy and I’ve learned so much from work with Skylee-Storm. Part of this work has included creating a video that explores the intersection of…
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Open Access Week and Publishing in the Open

My latest post, “Open Access Week and Publishing in the Open” can be read over at This book looks at open scholarly publishing in Canada, my personal publishing ethics, and how to make your research more accessible.

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Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 55: Community Based Digitization

In this episode I discuss the recent conclusion of the “Healing and Education Through Digital Access” project undertaken by the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre. I talk about community engagement, how not all information wants to be free, and online access. I would love to hear about your experiences working with community to undertake a digitization…
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Historical Reminiscents EP 37: Practicing Open Access

I’ve been thinking a lot about the implications of where I publish my work, the accessibility of my work to community members, and open access. In today’s episode I talk about peer reviewed journals, popular publishing, and finding open access outlets. I would love to hear your thoughts on the intersection of history, publishing, and…
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Open Access and Community Engaged Research

If you follow me on Twitter you know I’ve been thinking a lot about the implications of paywalls on community engaged research.  My recent article, “Archival photographs in perspective: Indian residential school images of health” that is now out in the British Journal of Canadian Studies (volume 30, issue 2) is currently behind a paywall.…
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