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Group of bare birch trees, right side reads: Episode 59 Radical Vunerability

Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 59: Radical Vulnerability

In today’s episode I’m talking about the practice of radical vulnerability in professional spaces. I discuss the basics of radical vulnerability, provide examples of what this looks like, and reflect on spaces for safe vulnerability. Mentioned in this episode: –Karina Haglen on Twitter, also check out their awesome zines.-Alaina Leary, “Here’s Why You Need to…
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Attire and Professional Identity

Earlier this week I participated in the SAA Student and New Archives Professionals Roundtable twitter chat on workplace attire.  The chat was co-hosted by Librarian Wardrobe and like most #snaprt chats invited students, new professionals, and seasoned archives staff to engage in meaningful discussion. I don’t really fit in the new professional category but I…
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