The Year of Prioritization

During the month of December I am participating in #reverb14 as a means of getting my writing habits back on track. I will be altering the prompts as needed to fit within the scope of this blog. Today’s prompt: Coulda woulda shoulda. What didn’t you do this year because you were too scared, afraid, unsure? Are you going to o it next year? Or maybe you don’t want to anymore.

I passed on a number of projects this year that I felt I couldn’t commit enough time to. I stand by my decision to prioritize projects and work toward a balanced life. That being said it was hard to pass up offers to contribute to a couple book projects and conference panels that focused on community archives, Indigenous heritage, and archival outreach.

There is always next year, especially in the case of the National Council on Public History annual conference and various Canadian archival conferences. My status as a new parent has made me acutely aware of the lack of supports built into conferences for parents. I believe the Society of American Archivists has offered minimal childcare arrangements at past conferences but very few academic conferences offer this service. Practically I put conference presenting on hold while I adjust to life as a mother.

This past year has been filled with prioritization. I can’t do everything and I shouldn’t feel the need to try to do everything. I keep reminding myself that saying no is okay.

Upcoming Projects

With all the New Years resolutions floating around I decided it would be valuable for me to record some of my intentions for the upcoming months. Below is a rough list of projects I have on the go or plan on beginning in the new year.

OLA Super Conference, Toronto, February 2010. “Community Digitization Program: Collaboration and Capacity Building.” This presentation will be highlighting the ongoing Community Digitization Program. It will be a panel discussion of the various experiences of the staff and organizations involved, focusing on resources, knowledge gained, and overall experience.
OLSN North Conference, Sudbury, May 2010. This presentation is still in the early stages of development, but will most likely be similar in format to the OLA presentation.

Recipe collection project. As a Christmas present I received a “Recipe Keeper”, which is essentially a template for creating a scrapbook of recipes. Working with the recipe keeper I plan on collecting various family recipes as well as some of my own. In addition to the traditional scrapbook I plan on creating a digital counterpart. The digital counterpart is based on my desire to preserve things for longer than their physical lifespan, and on the fact that so many of my recipes are already saved/annotated using zotero.
Completion of the Digitization Handbook I’ve been working on. This is intended to be a guide for the organizations I am currently working with. It includes how to establish policies, workflows, administrative guidelines, and various templates for creating a sustainable digitization program.
-Renewing/relearning CSS/html skills. I recently used some of my CSS knowledge while working on a digital photo exhibit project. However my skills are pretty rusty at this point, so in the upcoming months I plan to use them more frequently on similar digital photo projects, this blog, and my personal site.
-In a similar vain to the previous project, I haven’t done any programming in processing or java in sometime. In the upcoming months I would like to work on a project which allows me to keep using these skills. Specifics have yet to be decided on.
-Researching and assisting in the writing of a history of Knox Presbyterian Church, Alliston Ontario. This will be a community commemoration project and is in the very early stages of conception.