Sylvan Circle

Sadly the area I live in doesn’t have any Doors Open events going on this year.  Despite this shortfall, the area does have a number of self directed art tours going on this fall.  This weekend I took in the Sylvan Circle Tour which features 12 stops and over 50 artists and artisans.


  • Getting a chance to go into the old community halls and churches that served as venues for this tour.
  • The three studio stops on the tour, which let you visit the artist’s workshop. 
  • Seeing the variety of pottery, paintings, and crafts which are made by locals. Some high points for me were:
    • Weaving done by Russ Mason
    • Seeing Susan Levesque’s unique style of using gourds as canvas for painting
    • Stone jewelry by Jeanne Dumas

 Sadly, most of the artists that participated on the Sylvan tour do not have an online presence.  But in most cases a short bio and contact info can be found here.

The Portrait Gallery that never was.

The dream of a Canadian Portrait Gallery has died, possibly for good. Following the creation of the Gallery in 2001, the Gallery has faced a number of challenges including a lack of an institution. However, despite this lack of permanent building the Gallery managed to stage exhibitions at both the Museum of Nature and the Science and Technology Museum this summer.

It was recently announced that the Portrait Gallery of Canada will no longer exist in it’s current format. Some of the functions of the Gallery will be taken over by Library and Archives Canada. However, it is unclear what resources will be available for exhibitions, staffing, digitization, and purchasing of new works. What details are available can be seen here. The Gallery’s demise is yet another blow to the Canadian art and heritage community. This development may result in the diverse portraiture art and history of Canada being lost to the Canadian public.