Historical Reminiscents EP 30: Podcasting As Scholarship

Iphone with headphones sitting on a book. Right side reads "Episode 30: Podcasting as Scholarship"

While attending the Canadian Historical Association annual meeting in Regina I attended a meetup for the Secret Feminist Agenda podcast.  Part of this meetup included a launch of the open peer review of the podcast.  This experience got me thinking about the scholarship behind podcasting.  Can podcasts count as academic work? Do they need to be peer reviewed? What are the logistics behind podcasts being accepted as work as part of tenure or promotion?

I would love to hear how other peoples thoughts on podcasts as scholarship, do they count? Leave a comment or send me a message on Twitter.

Mentioned in this episode:
Open Peer Review of the Secret Feminist Agenda
NCPH launches review of podcasts and blogs
Tenure and Promotion and the Publicly Engaged Academic Historian (PDF)
The Henceforward 

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