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The Historical Reminiscents podcast is dedicated to discussing public history and archival practice. Created and produced by Krista McCracken this weekly podcast discusses archival impulses, shares insight into the world of public historians, and tackles historical interpretations in Canada. Find Historical Reminiscents on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

Have strong historical feels? Interested in being a guest on an upcoming podcast episode? Contact Krista at krista.mccracken[at]gmail.com

Episode Guide:
EP 17: Leadership, Admin, and the Things They Didn’t Teach You in Grad School
Ep  16: Building Moderation Skills

EP: 15: Ableism and Accessibility in Public History
EP 14: All the Memes!
EP 13: Fostering Meaningful Student Work Experiences
EP 12: The Myth of Neutrality in Description
EP 11: Healthy Writing Practices
EP 10: Goal Setting and Building Communities of Care
EP 09: Demystifying Archival Labour – Access
EP: 08: Demystifying Archival Labour – Preservation
EP 07: Demystifying Archival Labour – Description
EP 06: Demystifying Archival Labour – Arrangement
EP 05: Demystifying Archival Labour – Acquisitions and Appraisal
EP 04: The Intersecting Worlds of Public History and Archives
EP 03: Snow, Heritage Sites and Walking Tours
EP 02: Being an Active History Editor
EP 01: Digitization, Decolonization and Archival Access

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