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The Historical Reminiscents podcast is dedicated to discussing public history and archival practice. Created and produced by Krista McCracken this weekly podcast discusses archival impulses, shares insight into the world of public historians, and tackles historical interpretations in Canada. Find Historical Reminiscents on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Play.

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Episode Guide Year 3:
EP 69: Dated and Racist Language in Archival Description
EP 68: Pandemic Reading
EP 67: Organizing Blog Theme Weeks
EP 66: Don’t Through Out That VCR
EP 65: Letting Go to Make Space
EP 64: Professional Growth Within An Organization
EP 63: Archival Cookbooks
EP 62: Vicarious Trauma in the Archives

Episode Guide Year 2:
EP 61: We Made It
EP 60: Too Much Resilience
EP 59: Radical Vulnerability 
EP 58: The Abstract Writing Slog
EP 57: Short Form Presentations
EP 56: Archives and TRC Calls to Action
EP 55: Community Based Digitization
EP 54: Virtual Talks and the Cost of Travel
EP 53: OE Fellows Update
EP 52: Conference Travel Recovery
EP 51: Citation Politics
EP 50: Building An Open Educational Resource
EP 49: Event Codes of Conduct
EP 48: Reimbursement Culture
EP 47: Board Diversity and Participation Cost
EP 46: Professional Development vs. Professional Learning
EP 45: The Biography Struggle
EP 44: Safe and Brave Spaces

Episode Guide Year 1:
EP 43: Celebrating Milestones
EP 42: Award Nominations
EP 41: Managing Meeting Madness
EP 40: Place Based Learning
EP 39: Pushing Past Creative Barriers
EP 38: Gender, Language, and Professional Life
EP 37: Practicing Open Access
EP 36: Embroidery, History, and Resistance
EP 35: Approaching Collaboration
EP 34: Pay People For Their Work
EP 33: Practicing Kindness and Gratitude
EP 32: Confidence and Job Applications
EP 31: Spaces for Slow Scholarship
EP 30: Podcasting as Scholarship
EP 29: Representation and Making Space in Public History
EP 28: Spring Cleaning Your Work Life
EP 27: Diving Into Twitter for Canadian History
EP 26: Grant Writing Learning Curve
EP 25: Conference Season – Networking As An Introvert
Ep 24: Too Many Projects – Thanks, But No
EP 23: Pretty Images With No Strings Attached
EP 22: Tools for Organizing Archival Research
EP 21: Building Collaborative Practices
EP 20: Open Source Public History
EP 19: Program Evaluation and GLAMS
EP 18: Using Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool
EP 17: Leadership, Admin, and the Things They Didn’t Teach You in Grad School
Ep  16: Building Moderation Skills

EP: 15: Ableism and Accessibility in Public History
EP 14: All the Memes!
EP 13: Fostering Meaningful Student Work Experiences
EP 12: The Myth of Neutrality in Description
EP 11: Healthy Writing Practices
EP 10: Goal Setting and Building Communities of Care
EP 09: Demystifying Archival Labour – Access
EP: 08: Demystifying Archival Labour – Preservation
EP 07: Demystifying Archival Labour – Description
EP 06: Demystifying Archival Labour – Arrangement
EP 05: Demystifying Archival Labour – Acquisitions and Appraisal
EP 04: The Intersecting Worlds of Public History and Archives
EP 03: Snow, Heritage Sites and Walking Tours
EP 02: Being an Active History Editor
EP 01: Digitization, Decolonization and Archival Access

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