Historical Reminiscents EP 15: Ableism and Accessibility in Public History

Woman walking up a flight of stairs. Text saying "Episode 15: Abelism and Accessibility in Public History. Historical Resminiscents Podcast"

New podcast episode! Some of the core facets behind public history practice are accessibility and community access. And preserved heritage should be accessible to all. In this week’s episode I talk about ableism in public history and heritage sites.  I discuss job descriptions that include lifting requirements, inaccessible heritage sites, and digital accessibility.

As a note, I do also realize the irony of talking about accessibility on a podcast for which transcripts are not available. I’m currently thinking about transcription options for the audio.

Mentioned in this episode:
Accessible Heritage Initiative
MUSEUM NOTE: Accessibility (PDF)

Download or listen now.

Photo credit: Nic Low on Unsplash



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