Context Matters: Indigenous Knowledge and OER

Title slide of presentation

As part of my eCampus Ontario Open Education Fellows project I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Skylee-Storm Hogan on a couple of projects. As always, this collaboration has been a joy and I’ve learned so much from work with Skylee-Storm.

Part of this work has included creating a video that explores the intersection of Indigenous knowledge and OER. I’ve shared the video below and if you’re interested you can also checkout our slides and notes here.

One thought on “Context Matters: Indigenous Knowledge and OER

  1. When I first learned of this project I don’t think I fully recognized how significant and important this contribution to the conversation re: critical openness and the tensions between Western and Indigenous knowledge sharing practices as manifested in the prevailing rhetoric and norms surrounding open licensing practices. Meegwetch Krista and Skylee-Storm for your thoughtful analysis here and in the related white paper. It’s an extremely important focus area. I’m quoting you all over the place in my draft EdD lit review!!

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