Back Writing

As some of you might of noticed my posts have been somewhat infrequently recently.  This was mostly due to hosting problems and very poor customer service from the hosting provider that this website used to be on.  After a lot of frustration my partner moved all of our websites to a new provider and set up all of our sites again.

This experience highlighted two things: 1) the importance of backing up your websites.  There was a horrible couple of days where we weren’t sure we were going to be back to get our databases out of the old provider. 2) How integrated blogging is to my writing and thinking process.  I really missed being able to write off-the-cuff posts and to work through ideas I was considering when my site was down.

Thankfully things are up and running again.  Expect lots of posts in the coming days as I work through a list of ideas and cleanup half written posts that wrote during the hiatus.

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