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Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 64: Professional Growth Within An Organization

I’ve been working at Algoma University, in the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre, since 2010. That’s a decade. In today’s episode I’m talking about means to stay at one institution for a long period of time and how to grow within local opportunities.  Mentioned in this episode: -Erin White, “What It Means to Stay” Photo by Andrew…
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Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 52: Conference Travel Recovery

In this episode I talk about recovering from conferences. How do you process all that information you learned? How do you get back into the swing of work? And how do you find time to rest? I would love to hear about what your conference follow-up looks like and how you give yourself space to…
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Photo of meeting room with table. Reads: Managing Meeting Madness"

Historical Reminiscents EP 41: Managing Meeting Madness

Meetings and committees are part of professional life, more so if you happen to be spending your time inside academia. Despite the role meetings play in professional settings very few public history programs or history graduate training contains information on how to run an effective meeting, building agendas, and facilitating interdepartmental discussion.  In this episode…
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Sign reading Kindness is Magic.

Historical Reminiscents EP 33: Practicing Kindness and Gratitude

If you’ve listened to me speak about emerging professionals and mentoring you probably know I have strong feels about creating space and how we as a profession should welcome new folks.  Academic and heritage spaces can be intimidating for new professionals, first generation folks, and marginalized people.  This episode tackles how we can take a…
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Red turtle swimming, on right text reads "Episode 31: Spaces for Slow Scholarship"

Historical Reminiscents EP 31: Spaces for Slow Scholarship

Last week I participated in the Manitoulin Island Summer Historical Institute (MISHI), a week grounded in cultural and land based learning practice.  Throughout the week I was struck by how the practice of slow scholarship and taking time to deeply engage with reflection can be used within historical thinking.  In this episode I talk about…
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Crafting Bio Statements

“Can you send us your bio?”  Yes, I can….after I’ve antagonized over it multiple times and spent hours crafting a single sentence. We’ve all been at the conference where the speakers are all introduced using lengthy bios that cover everything from education, current academic positions, and every book the individual has wrote.  How much do…
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