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Building with words time is precious. Right side reads Episode 65: Letting Go To Make Space

Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 65: Letting Go To Make Space

In today’s episode I’m thinking about making space for new opportunities by letting go of old ones. I discuss balancing commitments, knowing when it is time to move on, and changing interests.  Mentioned in this episode: –Thinking Rock Community Arts-Erin Wunker, “Surthrival” on the Hook & Eye blog Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash Download or Listen Now:

Plant in a pot with the word grow

Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 64: Professional Growth Within An Organization

I’ve been working at Algoma University, in the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre, since 2010. That’s a decade. In today’s episode I’m talking about means to stay at one institution for a long period of time and how to grow within local opportunities.  Mentioned in this episode: -Erin White, “What It Means to Stay” Photo by Andrew…
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Lego storm troopers teaching darth vader how to ride a bike

Historical Reminiscents Podcast EP 46: Professional Development Vs. Professional Learning

Conference season is quickly approaching for many Canadian academics and with all of this travel comes conversations about professional development. In this episode, I discuss the differences between professional development and professional learning.  I also tackle questions of ongoing career development, active learning, and the funding of professional growth opportunities. I would love to hear…
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Interviewing and the Power of Perspective

In December 2015 I interviewed for University Archivist position at a Canadian university. I’ve attempted to write about this experience a couple of times but have repeatedly deleted what I wrote.  I initially considered writing broadly about the university archives/faculty hiring experience. The interview process for this position was completely different than any of the…
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