Passing Laws, Just Because: Sault Ste Marie Language Resolution

Downtown there's a parade But I don't think I want to go Smart as trees in Sault Ste. Marie I can speak my mother tongue Passing laws, just because And singing songs of the English unsung -“Born in the Water”, The Tragically Hip If you’re not from Sault Ste Marie you might not understand the … Continue reading Passing Laws, Just Because: Sault Ste Marie Language Resolution

Public Spaces and Indigenous Land: Whitefish Island

My latest post, "Public Spaces and Indigenous Land: Whitefish Island," can be seen over at Active History.  The post looks at the history of Whitefish Island and the challenges of preserving the history of a space when it is located in a high use area.

SSMARt Innovation Awards

In case you missed it, Algoma University's Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre and Arthur A. Wishart Library recently won the 2013 SSMARt Innovation Project of the Year Award.  The award recognizes an "organization whose IT/science project demonstrates leadership and/or creative use of science/technology" and includes "benefits such as the advancement of the organization, improvement of client/customer … Continue reading SSMARt Innovation Awards

Ermatinger Old Stone House

I recently made a visit to the The Ermatinger-Clergue National Historic Site in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The site includes the original Ermatinger stone house and the Clergue Blockhouse. The Ermatinger house is locally known as the Old Stone House and was built between 1812-1814. The house is the oldest stone house north of Toronto. … Continue reading Ermatinger Old Stone House